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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making an order for magnets from the UK.

According to the image below, I'm gonna make an order on magnets from my supplier in UK. This is because I was searching for a cheaper alternative/supplier but it seems that they are quite hard to find. So I'll stick with my current supplier for now.

Prices range as follows: 1mm - RM 0.80 per piece. Good for magnetizing marine heads, limbs, wrists and so on.

2mm - RM 0.90 per piece. Good for bigger models but also good for marine limbs as the size is not that much of a difference from the 1mm magnets.

3mm - RM 1.00 per piece. Suitable for magnetizing terminators and bigger creatures like Tyranid Warriors.

5mm - RM 1.10 per piece. More suitable for monstrous creatures, small Predator sponsons or Rhino doors. Should do good on Land Raiders too.

All magnets can be glued under the base so you can magnetize your bases. In doing so, you can cut the biscuit tin for the metal sheet and use it to keep you miniatures in place. Just an idea for fantasy players.

All magnets go in sets of 10. This makes it easier for me to count and order too. So please let me know how many of which size you want by the 10th of February 2010 in which I will make the order on that destined day.

I also got to get a hold on magnets that are 1cm in size. Overly powerful, but only RM 5 for 10. Only suitable for magnetizing LARGE vehicles such as Land Raiders or magnetizing an extremely heavy miniature or vehicle. -Not recommended at all- Don't get these unless you do what I'm doing, magnetizing the Wave Serpent to it's base.


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